Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hidden Locations that we have Uncovered..

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A home that dates back pre-1947


1893 - Mary Liz Thank You for requesting some info about your area. After a quick hour or so I was able to locate a structure in your area. Your area I am looking at maps that date back as far as 1893.  

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 1710 Map of the Swiss & Palatine Colony. Tyler Kirkman Yesterday you requested some info about Jacksonville NC. Your area dates back over 300 years. 


 First peoples Human habitation on the Santa Ana River dates back 9,000 to 12,000 years ago, close to the early stages of the


 I was able to locate an old school and two houses. The two houses are sitting now in a state part, Ionia State Recreation Area. 

Current Cities Am 



 Blairsville, PA

 Jurupa Valley, CA

 Sunfield, MI

 Albany, KY

 Ionia, MI

 Guadalupe, CA



General George S. Patton Jr's Kings Throne

The Throne Just off the 10 on BLM...

latitude and longitude:  33.547230, -115.488744