Saturday, May 23, 2015

Metal Detecting Places


Metal Detecting is Easy 

Finding New Places that are Old & Forgotten is the Tricky Part…

I quickly learned about 6 months after I started metal detecting that I need to do something different. I have hunted the beaches, hunted all kinds of parks and every school yard within 30 miles, I want to hunt something different. I wanted to hunt something really old; I want to hunt somewhere that would give me the chance to find something worth bragging about on all the Social Media outlets. I wanted to find relics that have a story.

I was so tired of reading and seeing all the pictures on Facebook and other social media outlets about these great finds from the 1800’s or even older, why can’t I dig up something like what other people seem to be finding?

So I started researching about old places and the history right here in my own zip code, I was shocked at what I was quickly learning about my own city. I couldn't believe how much history had taken place within a few miles from my own front porch. Even though I grew up here, I most have forgotten about all the land marks that I have passed by over the last 40 years, tunnel vision as most would call it.

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